Have You Awakened? by Kusan Sunim

Buddhism now

Red-crowned crane (丹頂鶴), displayed on a folding screen (障子) during the Gion Matsuri (祇園祭). Mating for life & with a fabled life-span of 1000 years, the crane (鶴 'Tsuru') symbolizes fortune, fidelity & longevity. #Kyoto Photo © @KyotoDailyPhotoI venture to ask this assembly, ‘Have you awakened to and penetrated into the subtle Way of enlightenment with which everyone is endowed?’ If you have awakened, say something! HAK!
[a shout to awaken those listening]

As the sun rises brightly in the sky in the middle of the night, young monkeys are climbing up trees backwards.

The clear wind and the bright moon
demonstrate the great truth.

The green peaks and the white clouds
reveal the subtle function.

Every kind of form magnificently adorns
the Buddha-worlds.

As a phoenix sings and a crane dances,
there is no end to the joy!

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