Sadhana of Chenrezei

The sâdhana of Chenrezi
The meditation-recitation of Immense Compassion was composed by the mahâsiddha Tangtong Gyelpo.

Chenrezi, Avalokitesvara in Sanscrit, is the Buddha of compassion. He is also the protector of Tibet. His sâdhana is the practice of the vajrayâna, the diamond vehicle or the Adamantine vehicle. The particular methodology of the vajrayâna uses the result of progress, in a symbolic representation, as a means of progress along the chosen path. The practice of an yidam – the deity which binds the mind to its nature – enables us to enter into the experience of enlightenment, in a world beyond confusion.

Chenrezi symbolises immense love and his sâdhana is the evocation of and brings acess to, these qualities. Its practice transforms our mind and from it emerge the qualities represented by Chenrezi : the form of the symbolic divinity gradually disappear and ultimately, his true nature appears, in its transparency, beyond all form. In the physical aspect of the practice, we meditate our own form as being the appearance of Chenrezi, and vocally, we recite OM MANI PADME HUM and we live each sound as being his mantra, mentally, we remain absorbed in the presence of his mind : immensity of love.


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