Chöd blessings 2 part

You received the mind empowerment and now you are going to receive the quality empowerment. From the Machig Labchi Drolma and the host of deities navels visualize a yellow SHRI. From this yellow SHRI a profusion of yellow light comes and enters your SHRI syllable at your navel center and by that you are going to get rid of all the negativities and obscurations related to mind. Example: when you feel like having a sip from a cup, you first open the lid, bring the cup towards your lips and even when it is a bodily action what it is dictating it is the mind. So this particular empowerment is to get rid of all the obscurations originated from your mind and also seek to receive the mind blessings from Machig Labchi Drolma and the host of deities.
Prayers (Rinpoche singing)
The next empowerment is for getting rid of all negativities and obscurations accumulated by the combination of body, speech and mind. Also to receive the blessings from the host of deities; body, speech and mind blessings. To do that visualize a PHAT syllable in green colour at the private parts of all the individual deities. A profusion of green light comes forth and enters your private part visualize that all the negativities and obscurations accumulated through body, speech and mind are cleansed. Receive the blessings from the deities.
Prayers (Rinpoche singing)
The last empowerment was the empowerment of what is translated as Buddha activities 11, Now you have received body, speech, mind, quality and Buddha activity empowerment. At the end we have all the Chöd lineage of lamas, at the top, in the middle all the Yidam deities and down below a host of Chöd lineage and protectors. From their five parts – the forehead, the throat, the heart, the navel and private part, a profusion of lights come forth and those lights dissolve in the Torma (which Rinpoche is holding). The deities turn into light and this light is dissolved in the Torma and there is a cascade of blessings flowing down the nectar and you are receiving these blessings
After having visualized the cascade of blessings coming out, blessings of body, speech, mind quality and Buddha activity. When I put the Torma in your head please visualize that you are receiving all this filling up the whole system with the nectar and blessings.
While I am giving you this empowerment the rest of you can recite the TEYATA, OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SOHA.


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