Chöd blessings

Words of prayers
Because it is a Torma based empowerment you have this visualization of host deities. After having offered the prayer, from the host of deities, included Machig Labchi Drolma, from the OM AH HUNG three secret syllables. Now from the white syllable OM in forehead of Machig Labchi Drolma, as well as from all the deities, a profusion of white light comes forth. This light dissolves in your own OM syllable on your forehead and what it does is that purifies, gets rid of, all the bodily accumulation of obscurations and receives the bodily blessings of Machig Labchi Drolma.
One addition here – be mindful that all deities should be visualized because it is a Torma empowerment. Torma is all the embodiment of all those we are talking about; it will be the light profusion coming from the Torma. OM AH HUNG from the upper, middle and lower part of the Torma.
Just visualize and meditate that you are in this profusion of light. All this white light coming from the OM syllable of each and every enlightened being, in a cluster coming and dissolving in yourself
Prayers (Rinpoche singing)
By that you received the body empowerment of Machig Labchi Drolma
Now is the speech empowerment. From the host of deities, from the individual sacred red AH in their throat centers a profusion of red light emanates and enters your throat AH syllable. When that happens visualize that all the speech related negativities and obscurations are cleansed and you are blessed with Machig Labchi Drolma and the host of deities with speech blessings
Prayers (Rinpoche singing)
You received the speech empowerment. Now is the mind empowerment. For mind empowerment the visualization is just as before but from the heart center of Machig Labchi Drolma and the host of deities visualize a blue HUNG syllable. This tremendous blue light coming from that HUNG syllable will dissolve in your HUNG syllable at your heart center. When it does occur visualize that all your mind relate obscurations are cleansed and receive the mind blessing from Machig Labchi Drolma and the host of deities


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