David Frazier

Come and join us.
We are the lovers of love
the faithful to faith,
grateful for gratitude,
generous with generosity.

Come and join us.
We are happy with happiness
joyful for joy,
friends of friendship,
tranquil for tranquility,
and liberal with liberty;

Come and join us,
illuminated by illumination
holding hands with the enlightened
gazing into the eyes of eternity
and seeing there the reflection
of the precious mystery of life.

Come and join us.
We are empty vessels ringing,
rung by love without quarter,
rung by fire, earth, wind and sky,
rung by tears that smile
and hands that cry.

Come and join us
in the whirlpool bath of heaven,
love that in its many guises,
love that in a thousand aspects,
love along a million pathways
is the healer of all worlds.

Come and join us
We are love’s lovers
appreciating all the sages
who have loved through endless ages
who still love us
as we are now
and whose arms are open.


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