Lies, Damn Lies, and The Shamarpa on Reincarnation

Tinfoil Ushnisha


I found this quote of the late Shamar Rinpoche in which he speaks about reincarnation from the perspective of a reincarnation, the Shamarpa.

“Buddhist reincarnation does not work this way, that you are the same person in a different body lifetime after lifetime. It is merely a tendency of mind that continues from one life to the next. This carries over into accomplishments. For example, I cannot take credit tor books written by earlier Shamarpas. I would have to write my own books. Political problems work the same way.”

The Sakya succession proved problematic for Tibet’s Mongol overlords.

This is the origin of succession by reincarnation.

It was a solution to a long forgotten political problem.

Today it is a political problem in search of a solution.

The late Shamar Rinpoche understood this contradiction inherent to succession by reincarnation.

The solution eluded him but it wasn’t for lack of trying.

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