Self is Heavy, by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu

Buddhism now

With thanks to Golden Buddha Centre, TotnesIf we understand our problems, clearly and completely, then we shall be able to do something about them. We need to give adequate attention to them, therefore.

If we look carefully we shall see that there are two kinds of life — there is pure life, the essential part of life, and there is a kind of life which has something extra, something added. This addition is the burden. We need to understand this carefully and see that there are two kinds because most of us blur the two together and confuse them. When we talk about the pure life, life that has nothing extra added, we are talking about nama and rupa, or mind and body. Pure life is just mind and body; that is all there is. But the life that is a burden for itself has something added; a third element is added to mind and…

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