All You Have to do is Say your Practice is Mahamudra

Tinfoil Ushnisha

20140905-204232.jpgSo I’m reading Dzongsar Khyentse and he drops this into his narrative on ngōndro, “Lama Shang Rinpoche said those who want to practice Mahamudra should not make a big deal about first accumulating the ngōndro practices,” and then goes on to say that ngōndro should be practiced at all times. As Rinpoche sees it “Ngōndro is not merely the accumulation of numbers, but to penetrate our minds, ruffle the feathers of our pride and make a satisfactory dent in our egos.” I’m reminded of marriage. Anyway, I sure wish he has said more on the subject of Lama Shang, a contemporary of the first Karmapa with a reputation for his ego. It is a given, I guess, that if you are so inclined. You would have no use for ngōndro. All you have to do is say your practice is Mahamudra.

Karmapa Chenno!

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