The Financing of China’s “Tibetan Development Fund”, Ropka International, and the Recruitment of Akong Rinpoche

Tinfoil Ushnisha

I submit for your consideration, the following, again, from “Buddhist Soft Power, Chinese Style”, the 1983 turning of Akong Rinpoche, from founder of the first Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the West, Samye Ling, in Scotland, recently murdered, or, at least according to his brother, “assassinated”, by a Tibetan, in China, supposedly, with links to Situ Rinpoche’s monastery, (Akong Rinpoche’s murderer was apparently a monk at said monastery), to, by Rinpoche’s own admission, a “patriotic” Tibetan, China’s asset, the man responsible for making his Karma Kagyu sect the wealthiest of all Tibetan Buddhists sects today.

The calculation was simple: because Buddhists have always ranked among the most influential Taiwanese business people, they were given incentives to invest heavily in the Motherland, with the help of the senior Taiwanese abbots already accredited by Beijing. Among these, Master Hsing Yun, founder of the very powerful Fo Guang Shan School with millions of…

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