Euthanasia 2

Vera Boltz 0Reply
Less than 5 minutes ago: I wholeheartedlly agree with euthanasia. Every person should be able to make the choice of spending their last days in hospitals in great pain or just going to sleep and not waking up on this side. We don’t let animals suffer because of our “compassion ” and love for them, but we will let a human suffer intolerably and won’t assist of give them the relief they are desparately searching for. WA state is a “right to die with dignity” state, however their are many loopholes that let the medical community mandate how the death is controlled or “allowed”. This is big money for the medical community, just take a look at the nursing homes and the costs associated with being placed in one. It’s big money, not compassion or religion that halts the measure of dying with dignity or leaving the earth by peaceful means. I am 77 and have planned my escape when I become to feeble to enjoy the quality of life. I consider us like the roses, we bud, we bloom and we wither and die. Let’s make death pleasant and a choice of each individual.

peter ezzell 0Reply
2 hours ago: for those of you who think the bible has a role in answering this question, here are two interesting Oxford debates, one speaker of six in each


Assisted Dying

Ginger Sarmento +4Reply
1 day ago: No-one has the right to impose their beliefs on others. There are the religious, the agnostic, the atheists and the indifferent. Why should any of them impose their beliefs on anyone…as long as that person is not harming anyone else? Whether someone chooses life vs. death is an extremely personal matter. Until we have walked in their shoes, we cannot know what is best for them–to continue to suffer or to end the suffering–“To be or not to be, that is the question.”

Preventing someone from choosing to end his/her life is actually insensitive and cruel. There is nothing virtuous about saving a starving man’s life and then not feeding him–yet that is precisely what is being done by preventing that choice…they seem to be saying: let them suffer for 3 or 4 more months and die a “natural” death. Whether someone chooses death due to illness, physical or emotional suffering, loss of a loved one, insanity, loss of the will to live, poverty, a bleak future, despair, etc., unless we intend to relieve them by getting them back up and out of their misery, we have no right to impose our judgments on their right to live or to die.

Each of us must be the one to decide whether living or not living is more bearable. Dr. Kavorkian spent many years in prison for standing up for the suffering; it took took a lot of courage and empathy but he followed his conscience and did the right thing. We need to defend the right of every individual to choose…whether it be Euthanasia (assisted death) or Suicide. That is true freedom–to be in charge of one’s own life.
Tify Ndanoboi 30+ 0Reply
1 hour ago: While I agree with you Ginger in that… “No-one has the right to impose their beliefs on others.”

you cant help but note, history up to and including contemporary times, is littered with exactly the opposite point of view. And if takes force, fear, zealotry ( and i reverse the right to apply that to all belief systems) or any other mechanism to get you to capitulate, well you know how the story goes…

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