Freeing Ourselves with Radiant Energy

Through the ages, the evolution of mankind have followed its ability to find ways to harness the energy within the natural environment. The first event was the invention of fire where cooked food allowed access to new forms of nutrition within plants and animals, including light and heat which increased man’s stamina to hunt and gather. The next event was the discovery of electricity and fossil fuels that led to the Industrial Revolution.

The third event will occur when we learn to harness a universal energy from our environment. The knowledge we will gain from using this energy will begin to quickly spread a new universal understanding that will create new connections and meanings within our cultural consciousness.

There is anecdotal evidence of this third event already has occurred in our ancient past. One such reference was described by Plato who wrote of a city called Atlantis that was destroyed in 9,600 BC and who once had a regional influence over the Mediterranean as far as Italy, Eqypt and parts of Libya.

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