Querido Borges, Susan Sontag – Calle del Orco

Querido Borges: Dado que siempre situaron su literatura bajo el signo de la eternidad, no parece demasiado extraño dirigirle una carta. Si alguna vez un contemporáneo pareció destinado a la inmortalidad literaria, ése fue usted. Fue en gran medida el producto de su tiempo, de su cultura y, sin embargo, supo cómo trascender su tiempo,…
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A visit to the Kabul Museum (to be continued…) – by Bruno Maçães – World Game

Like so many of the buildings in Kabul, the main and most noble entrance has been closed and a new and more secure one created in the back. In this case it feels rather nice. You have to walk through an empty field. There is no one around. I must be the only visitor today, but inside the building there is a flurry of activity. Some rooms are not exhibitions halls but restoration ateliers. I pretend to be lost and attempt to peak inside a couple, but the artisans quickly hush me out, before returning to their treasures.
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Trans Men Fight Back

Transgender politics have taken a troubling turn in recent years, which most people, including many transgender people themselves, are completely oblivious to. Gender Identity Disorder, now called Gender Dysphoria, used to be talked about quite openly in the LGB community and, whether or not we as lay people knew about Dr Blanchard’s Typology, clinicians understood that there were at least two different kinds of GD: Homosexual type (which many lesbian and gay people experience and integrate into
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