La Estantería

Esther Seligson
Colección: Varias
México, 2010
204 pp.

Por Samuel Espinosa

It was a virtue not to stay
Robert Graves

Me habría gustado tanto conocer a Esther Seligson y, como quienes convivieron con ella, saber sobre cartas astrales, mística, ritos judíos, religiones orientales, ascetismo. Hubiera querido que, como sus alumnos y amigos, mi forma de ver el mundo también estuviera marcada por sus palabras, y que los ojos se me iluminaran al decir su nombre, como a todos ellos. Para mi mala fortuna me tocó nacer un poco tarde, pero al menos puedo compartir un poco de esa alegría al conocerla a través de su obra. Vaya pues, este texto en su memoria.

Publicado en 2010, Negro es su rostro/Simiente compila dos volúmenes de la obra de la poeta de origen judío. El primero es una selección que la propia autora realizó de su…

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Por Esther Seligson

A gente entende pouco do semelhante. Cada um de nos é um enigma que a maior parte das vexes fica por decifrar.
Miguel Torga

Estás tan lejos me dicen tan sola
y respondo nunca lo suficiente
nunca lo bastante lejos la soledad
siempre hay quien la interrumpe el teléfono
el cartero vecinos y esa necia costumbre
de procurarse víveres no nunca lo bastante
sola lo suficientemente lejos transijo
pago cuentas hago la fila en el correo
saludo sonrío tampoco el mar que me acompaña
está solo cuántos veleros barcos lanchas
guardacostas lo ocupan

A veces nos salamos el mar y yo
muy de mañana en un llanto mutuo
remojo los piés en su espuma fría
y escucho la risa de Adrián que se revuelca
me digo entonces que aún estoy cerca
demasiado cerca
que me ha anclado el dolor a la orilla
a este…

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Navratri: 9 nights of the Goddess

I bow again and again to the Devi, who lives in all creatures in the form of Mother. In this creation, I am one, and I am many as well, in various forms
– Srimad Devi Bhagavatam 6:11

Tonight marks the start of Navratri, a celebration worshiping Mother Durga in her various forms. Many Hindu devotees embark on a nine night (nav meaning nine, rat meaning night) fast. They conclude the festival with a grand feast on the 10th day of Dassera. The 10th day celebrates the anniversary of Durga slaying Mahishasura, a demon that terrorized both Earth and the heavens.

This narrative is also a metaphor with a deeper spiritual meaning. During these nine nights Hindus appeal for spiritual wealth, knowledge, and strength in slaying their own mental Mahishasuras such as pride, ignorance, or attachment to trivial matters of the world. These internal demons battle to steer…

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Ogyen Trinley Dorje Responds to Charges, Pleads Ignorance of Forced Conversions in Tibet

Tinfoil Ushnisha

20140922-203339.jpgHere’s Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s non-denial from the New Indian Press.

Charges Denied

The Karma Kagyu sect is led by 17th Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje, who escaped to India from Tibet at the age of 15 in 2000. His spokesperson Kunzang Chungyalpa said that they were not aware of the allegations made by the Drukpa sect. “We have no such knowledge, so we want to verify them ourselves and ask for reports from there. But, His Holiness has not given any such orders for conversion. He has a non-sectarian approach,” Chungalypa said.

Ogyen Trinley Dorje said the same thing previously in response to the business with the suitcases of foreign currency discovered in Gyuto monastery, he knows nothing. This is obviously unacceptable.

Karmapa Chenno

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DIVINE SUICIDE: Depressive Breakdown as a Call to Awakening

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I have seen far too many people in the care of social services grossly retraumatized rather than helped when feeling their most vulnerable because people do not understand this loving, accepting and healing approach. It’s based in deep trust for the process of the individual who presents themselves in front of you. Listen. Love.

From Jeff Foster’s facebook page, I’m doing as he suggests and sharing it with all of you here:

Please share this essay with anyone who you think may benefit from this alternative perspective on depression, breakdown, suicide and awakening…

Take me out to Cypress Hill in my car. And we’ll hear the dead people talk. They do talk there. They chatter like birds on Cypress Hill, but all they say is one word and that one word is “live,” they say “Live, live, live, live, live!'” It’s all they’ve learned, it’s the only advice…

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Deconstructing the Current Controversy over Karma Kagyu Sectarianism in Tibet

Tinfoil Ushnisha

20140916-201537.jpgIn 1997 India’s Chief Secretary in Sikkim, K Sreedhar Rao, in a report to the Indian cabinet noted his concerns about Situ Rinpoche’s activities in China, including his recognition of the very same Rinpoches responsible for jamming up Ogyen Trinley Dorje over the forced conversion of Drukpa monasteries in Tibet.

It’s not like as Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Regent Situ Rinpoche ever made any secret of his efforts to, with the support of the Chinese government, re-establish the Karma Kagyu as a sect in Tibet. With this support he rebuilt Palpung Monastery in Sichuan province. And as this business with the Drukpa monasteries demonstrates there is no question who has the support of the Chinese government, the Karma Kagyu sect as stood up by Ogyen Trinley Dorje’s Regent, Situ Rinpoche.

Karmapa Chenno!

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