Bring on the Era of Consumer Social Responsibility


As people continue their holiday shopping this Cyber Monday, I think about all the new wearable technologies and gadgets that will be exchanged as gifts this year. My gift came in early as part of a grant—a set of Google Glass. I am wearing my Glass as I write this, alternating between watching text appear on my laptop screen to watching text show up on my Glass. My Glass shows me it’s “9:15,” and I respond, “ok, glass.” My right eye glances back to my laptop screen. In a matter of seconds, my left eye is tempted away by an incoming text that appears on my smartphone screen.

That is the way my eyes move nowadays—constantly switching from screen to screen, multi-tasking with the right eye on one screen and the left eye on another. I think about what I must look like to others while eye-fully multi-tasking…

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